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Tree removal Northampton is one of the services we offer at Tree surgeon Pro Northampton. Tree removal is a tree service that can be carried out for many different reasons. It might need to be done due to damage or decay, so it’s unsafe and needs removing from your site. It may also have reached the end of its natural life span, which will require tree work sooner rather than later. In this case, our tree removal services will come into your property and remove any trees no longer needed and dispose of them responsibly. We use modern tree removal equipment to ensure your tree is cut down safely with minimal disturbance. 

What trees can be cut down without permission UK? 

The general rule is that before cutting, felling, or doing any work on a tree in the UK, it is best to find out if it is subject to a preservation order or meets the conditions for protection and conservation according to UK law. The trees you can cut without permission in the UK are the trees not subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), trees not located in a Conservation Area, or trees over 5 cubic metres in volume. The latter also applies to a clump of smaller trees. You may also be subjected to fines if you cut down trees and this affected breeding birds. If you cut, fell or uproot a tree covered by a TPO, you can get fined £20,000. Your Local Planning Authority Office is the office to ask about any protection orders or conditions attached that require Council consent. You can also view information on planning applications that cover the trees in your area on your local Council website. This is one way to ensure that you do not unknowingly cut trees that are covered by a TPO. You may trim or prune a tree that is covered by a TPO but you will need council approval for this as well. 

Do I need permission for tree removal Northampton? 

If you’re thinking about tree removal Northampton the answer is: it depends. If you are cutting down a tree on your own property you don’t need permission unless the tree is subject to a preservation order or in special cases, unless it’s in a conservation area. You may need to ask permission from your landlord if you are a tenant. You may also need council permission if cutting down a tree poses a significant risk of damage to the property or to neighbouring properties. This is because the liability falls on you if the tree cutting results to damage to your neighbour’s property. Can I remove a tree on my own land? It depends. If you are felling trees outside your private garden but on the property you own, you may need a felling license. A license is required if you plan on felling more than 5 cubic meters of tree volume in a calendar quarter. Again, you need to determine if you are felling protected trees or trees that amount to 5 cubic metres in volume. Doing so is an offence and will subject you to penalties. The relevant government office can tell you what conditions are attached to getting a tree felling license. These conditions often cover tree replanting and maintenance of the area. 

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Can I remove the tree in my backyard? 

Yes, the general rule is that if the tree is in your backyard or garden you don’t need permission to remove a tree. The exception is if the tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order or you are located in a Conservation or Protected area. If you are unsure about the status of a tree in your property, you can go to your local environment council for advice. 

Can my neighbour engage in tree removal Northampton without asking? 

No, your neighbour cannot remove an entire tree on your property without asking. Doing so will constitute damage to property. It may even amount to trespassing if they were on your property in the process of cutting the tree down and they did not have your permission to be on your property. Your neighbor can cut down parts of your tree without asking as long as these are parts that overhang or encroach on their property. This includes branches and encroaching roots. While doing the cutting, they must not trespass on the land where the tree grows. Branches cut down still belong to you, so you have the option to get them back or allow your neighbour to dispose of the cut branches and roots.

Can you force a neighbour to cut down a tree? 

No, you cannot force a neighbour to cut down a tree especially if the tree is not encroaching on your property. However, if parts of the tree are encroaching on the property and can damage your property if not taken down, you can inform the neighbour to see if he or she agrees to have the encroaching branches lopped off. You can also offer to cut down the encroaching parts and do so with his permission. It is important to know that cut branches and roots that previously encroached on your property still belong to your neighbour. It is up to him to get those branches back or allow you to dispose of these yourself. 

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